Tuesday, 16 March 2010

An introduction

I have a confession to make - I'm an addict. A cookbook addict, just like I'm addicted to nail varnish, lip gloss, cutting pictures of clothes from magazines, American TV programmes and buying enough candles to make the house smell nice for 10 years.
But that's not my proper confession - I buy and borrow all these lovely books but I don't often make anything from them, I like to look at the pretty pictures!
So here is the reason for this blog, a justification for all the books I buy. I will look at the pretty pictures, give my opinions on the cookbook content and then attempt to make things from them. I'm certainly not the world's best cook so it will be a good test of the recipes, if I can get them right then it's most probably a good recommendation!
So keep your eyes peeled for my next post - a Mother's Day afternoon tea was made for La Mama and it was pretty successful. Hurrah!


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