Monday, 22 March 2010

Hairy Bikers Big Night Out

Last night I was at the Lowry in Salford to watch The Hairy Bikers live. It was pretty darn enjoyable and they were just like they were on TV. It's the only picture of the show I could get as photos weren't allowed during the show. I heard a woman behind me complain on the way out that there wasn't enough cooking in the show. This was true - only 2 recipes were cooked, but it was fun to hear about how they met, how they got into TV and just how accident prone Si is! "What happened was...." was uttered many a time! The banter seemed slightly forced at the beginning but it soon became very natural and I'm sure there was plenty of ad-libbing as Si genuinely seemed amused by Dave's ever increasingly weird similes, delivered in a dead-pan way. There were plenty of clips and photos shown and the show kept a good pace.
As for the recipes, we saw them make South Indian king prawns in coconut served with Kerala Parathas which smelt absolutely gorgeous. Then in the second half they made Tuscan beef supper with a courgette and lemon linguine dish. These recipes are in the programme along with a few others from their cookbooks and TV appearances. They chose 2 couples to try out the recipes on stage, on a nicely set up table, along with beer, wine and water, and a very attentive waiter in the form of Si (only for the women though!). A few poppadoms were passed around the first few rows, which were very tasty, but that was all we got to taste. We'll just have to make them ourselves. I was pretty petrified we were going to be chosen to go on stage as we were at the edge of the 2nd row but luckily the couple next to me were chosen. Phew! Too scary!

And after being treated to an extremely weird version of Don't Cry For Me Argentina involving metallic purple lycra and a mini drumkit I went to buy my signed copy of Mums Know Best. Yay! Then had to wait an age to get out the car park, not so yay.


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